Tom Denton


Automotive Author and eLearning Developer, London, United Kingdom

Tom Denton has been researching and writing best-selling automotive textbooks for over 25 years. His published work is endorsed by all leading professional organisations and used by automotive students across the world. He has taught college students at all levels, and always helped them achieve the best results. Tom was also a Staff Tutor and is currently an Associate Lecturer for the Open University.

His post graduate education in all aspects of technology and education, as well as many years of practical experience, has given him a broad base from which to approach and teach this interesting, yet challenging subject.

As a Fellow of the Institute of the Motor Industry, a Member of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers and the Society of Automotive Engineers, he keeps in contact with the latest technologies and innovations across all aspects of this fascinating industry.

As well as publishing over 20 textbooks, Tom has created amazing support materials and eLearning courses.

Learn more about Tom’s textbooks and his new online Automotive Technology Academy at:



27 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good afternoon!
    I have just red your book Automotive Techician Training theory levels 1,2,3, 2014 edition and although it is a very detailed and well written book on pages 518 – 531 the waveforms are missing from the charts (they are empty).
    As a result chapter 10 of advanced diagnostics is useless. I was wondering if there is a way to find them in your webside or elseware.

    Meletiou George

    1. Hi George, these are deliberately left out of the book as are many labels etc. from diagrams as the book is designed to be used with our eLearning system. I will come back asap with details for you about how to access this.

      Regards, Tom

  2. Hi
    I have read and own your three books but I would like to draw your attention to an issue I had
    So if could email me I shall elaborate

    1. thanks Ade, i replied to your email and you are right, there is a typo:
      Advanced automotive fault diagnosis Page 85 Figure 4.23 is labelled as a knock sensor and of course it should be an oxygen sensor

      My average is still pretty good though 🙂

  3. Hi Tom,

    I am teaching in automotive technologies mostly EV/HEV.
    I intend to use your book “Electric and Hybrid Vehicles” in the future and I have some questions regarding that. Could you please send me am email. I will then explain further. Thanks.

    Best regards
    Gert Larsen

  4. Hi, Mr. TOM,
    I am graguate Automobile engineer having relavent experiance of about 25 years,Presently working in training of Automobile technology
    I would like to join you for inhancing my knowledge about new technology in this field, Kindly advise to join you.

  5. Thanks Mr. Tom for your detailed and very useful book.
    I am into vehicle electricals and it has by far proved so handy for me….”Automobile electrical and electronic systems” is the one i am currently reading now.

    Please can i get more material/book on auto electrical??
    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Samuel, it is always nice to hear that my books are being used and appreciated. There is a 5th edition of the book- note sure what version you have?

      Either way, head over to http://www.automotive-technology.org and you can access a course area where that has some additional material – no charge. The latest book is several hundred pages so not much missed out!!

  6. Hi Tom,
    I’m interested in electric cars I read the first book for electric an hybrid cars. I have some questions in future can you send to me your email, thanks.


  7. Dear Mr Denton,

    I am a teacher of English as a foreign language and work at one of the Universities of Technology in Poland. My friend and I would like to write a coursebook for our students of Automotive Industry which would include some theory and some practical apporach to troubleshooting and fault diagnosis, hence we find your work ‘Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis. Automotive Technology. Vehicle Maintenance and Repair’ extremely useful. We were wondering if there is any possibility you would kindly agree to copy some of the photos from your book in question, as well as some parts of text, for educational purposes only.

    1. Dear Mr Denton,

      I am a teacher of English as a foreign language and work at Tecnical education high school. I would like to write a coursebook for our students of Automotive Tecnical Education Can I use the publication for educational purposes.

  8. Dear Sir
    I have been a great fan of your books when I read them at Northumbria University during my post graduation program.
    We are starting a non profit training center in India for training and awareness about Automotive industry and hence we would like use your impressive some illustrations on display boards with proper reference as well.
    We infact would line to invite you to inaugurate this Center and bless the students.
    Please do share your contact or email so that we can send you an official email or postal invitation.
    Anticipating your favorable reply.

    Thanking You

    Best Regards
    Prabhakar Neelakanth
    M – + 91 9870302745
    Email : pgarag@gmail.com

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